Loraine Magda

We all have masculine and feminine qualities.

Loraine Magda

The Law of Balance: Thrive by Balancing Your Inner Masculine and Feminine addresses this topic in a fair, balanced and thought-provoking way. It provides my unique 7-Steps to Balance with the ultimate purpose of thriving within yourself, in your relationships, your paths to happiness, your career and more.

Inner Balance – the Secret to Thriving in Today's World

What may be less known is the importance of bringing these two sides of ourselves into a dynamic state of balance.

It’s not about being in the center at all times… it’s about being able to choose our responses to life with skill, grace and ease. Having access to both sides of ourselves equips us to navigate life with grace and ease. 

Different challenges and opportunities demand different skillsets. 

Restoring our innate balance is the greatest gift we could give to the world because transforming ourselves is how the world gets transformed. 

There are nine benefits of balance.

Loraine Magda