My Book

Ever heard the call to “balance your masculine and feminine sides” but not quite understand what this means? 

Or are you open to the idea of balancing your masculine and feminine side, but don’t quite know how to go about it?

Alternatively, have you grappled with any of the following? 

  • The state of the world today
  • Feeling habitually overworked, tired and unbalanced
  • Relationship issues
  • Living in your head
  • Feeling like you are not being authentic
  • Trying to be everything to everyone
  • Struggling to be assertive about your needs
  • Making a positive difference doing what you love

If so, then this is the book for you.

The Law of Balance: Thrive by Balancing Your Inner Masculine and Feminine provides answers to these questions and more. It also provides a 7-step process for balancing your own masculine and feminine.

The idea of balancing the masculine and feminine within is not new. It is called Taoism, where these ideas are termed Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine). My book can be thought of as a modern-day interpretation of Taoism.

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For thousands of years this wisdom has been available to the discerning person. However, for much of that time the bulk of humanity was simply not ready to receive this wisdom. However, today is different. With the state of the world today we are facing unprecedented times. Although it may feel like chaos and confusion, I believe that this is a critically important time in our history, an opportunity to review our thinking about who we truly are, and what our purpose is. It is time for an upgrade to Humanity 2.0.


This book will help you to navigate the changes to arrive at the next version of yourself. This will be a more conscious version of ourselves where we learn to become whole persons and live up to our true potential. This will require an open mind for some. However, what do you have to lose? This book will help you to see the bigger picture and to embrace more of your own innate potential.


Being balanced does not negate biological sex, but it frees up the individual to be who they truly are beyond limiting conditioning. My art aims to capture this delicious balance.


The book also provides a 7-step method for becoming balanced. You will be introduced to ten major benefits of balance. With the help of the unique Journey-to-Balance Model, you can discover your current state of balance and know how to proceed from there.

:: About the Author ::

For more than four decades Loraine pieced together a tapestry of understanding from a wide variety of disciplines and areas that have come together as a deep understanding of what it means to balance our masculine and feminine sides. Her belief is that this not only helps the individual to thrive by utilizing more of their true potential, but is an essential ingredient in creating exceptional businesses and a peaceful, well-functioning world.

Loraine has seen the enormous transformation in individuals after understanding the basic principles of balance. 

Loraine has experience in speaking, lecturing and coaching. She lectured at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Business School, where she taught an annual leadership course to MBA students called “Introduction to Conscious Business”.

She has also coached employees and leaders to achieve their personal and professional goals. In addition, she provided short courses to businesses aimed at helping employees and managers to reach their potential through greater self-awareness and discovering their innate capability for balance. She called this “Introduction to self-leadership”.

These various areas of interest may seem like different elements however they are all highly interconnected. Her art reflects a passion for inner balance. Her university course reflected what balance would look like in a business setting. Her coaching helped individuals to gain greater work-life balance, while being more focused and effective on the job.

Loraine has an eclectic background that involved a career change when she was thirty. Loraine has an MS in Hydrogeology, MA in Consciousness Studies and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.