Magda Loraine
Loraine Magda


My art is a blend of realism and abstraction, and playing with complementary colors. My hope and intention is to reveal the soul, the sentient intelligence in humans and animals, plants and really everything. 

I am a largely self-taught artist, having started with drawing humans and animals at a young age. In high school, my school books were covered with pencil portraits of famous actors. I felt I had a natural talent for art but didn’t realize that it could be a career choice for me.

After graduating and working as a hydrogeologist for a number of years, I found my way into conscious leadership coaching and training. This was interesting work but after years in corporate I yearned to return to my passion for art.

Just before the age of forty, I began taking classes in oil painting here and there.

In early 2019 I dedicated myself to art fulltime, following a lifelong passion.

I paint in oils and acrylics depending on what the painting needs.

My work is constantly evolving as I notice new things. In this currently chaotic and polarized world we live in, I want to emphasize our connection to something much deeper within ourselves, and to all sentient beings on this planet.

Author / Coach

I have had a lifelong fascination with the idea that perhaps we humans are both masculine and feminine in our true nature. This was based on my own young experience of being both a tomboy and a sensitive artist.

At the age of twenty-nine I took a year off to travel and discover my purpose more fully. During that time I began to receive insights on this subject of inner balance, and started to write them down. My journey led me to the San Francisco Bay Area where I studied an MA in Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy University. 

This added layers of depth and breadth to my understanding of consciousness and spirituality, and it underscored the importance of attaining a state of inner balance as a tool for growth on the spiritual path.  

Later I gave talks and workshops in South Africa and over a period of years captured these insights into a book. 

I now offer Balance Coaching to those who are interested in learning how to balance their own masculine and feminine aspects and derive all the benefits. 

Loraine Magda
Loraine Magda


I have always had a knack with photography but really wanted to get technical training.

This year I am formally studying photography and will use it to take portrait photos for my artwork, as well as to diversify my artistic service offerings.

By late 2021, I will be offering photographic portrait services for professionals, individuals, families and pets.