As a young child some of the happiest moments were spent lost in time while drawing people and animals. By the time high school came around, my school books were covered with pencil portraits of the most gorgeous male actors of the time. 

After venturing into careers including as a hydrogeologist and later as a leadership coach, I mostly set my art aside. Of course, I missed it and eventually found my way back around the age of forty. After that I began taking classes in oil painting, and learned different techniques from various teachers. Over time my own style started to emerge.

As an animal lover, I began by painting and selling pet portraits and wild animal portraits. Later this expanded and eventually my focus became human portraits.

My work is a blend of realism with colorful abstraction. This reflects my passion for the beauty and vibrancy of the complementary opposites, the Yin and Yang, in a state of balance and flow. This is a guiding principle in all my art because I recognize this dynamic balance of opposites as quintessential to the universe and all of life, including every human being. It’s as though the wholeness within universe is somehow contained within us.

When it comes to human portraits, I love to capture that mysterious, intriguing blend of masculine and feminine within the individual. While this idea may shock the more traditional among us, I believe that personal thriving and peace and harmony on earth can only truly happen when we embrace the masculine and feminine within. If you’d like to know more about inner balance, please see my book

Another defining feature of my art is that I love to try to capture the underlying consciousness, the sentient intelligence in humans and animals, plants and really everything.

My medium of choice is oils although I often start with an acrylic underpainting.